25 Things to do Instead of Drink (or any Habit that’s Harmful for you)

25 Things to do Instead of Drink...

(or any Habit that’s Harmful for you).

  1. Go on a mindful walk.
  2. Take one of the free courses online offered by Harvard.
  3. Start a garden or buy some houseplants to tend to.
  4. Find a non-alcoholic bar near you.
  5. Go to a place you went to on a field trip as a kid.
  6. Ride a bicycle around your favorite park.
  7. Attend a support group for substance use, grief, divorce, or growing up in a dysfunctional family.
  8. Go to a bookstore or the library and read a book inside there
  9. Call or FaceTime your grandparents or someone else you look up to
  10. Look up a place to begin volunteering for
  11. Take a shower (especially with some cold water to create dopamine).
  12. Start attending martial arts classes.
  13. Find something random to check out.
  14. Go to a craft store and find an activity that catches your eye.
  15. Look for activities near you such as a networking event or something related to your hobby.
  16. Deep clean your place. (starting with pulling the oven out from the wall)
  17. Walk around an antique store and look for something specific like uranium glass.
  18. Reach out to the person you’ve been wanting to talk to.
  19. Find a free event near you.
  20. Walk around a large furniture store and sit on what stands out to you to test how comfy it is.
  21. Go to a yoga class.
  22. Find items you have no use for or gather clothes you haven’t worn in the last two years (except special occasion outfits) to donate.
  23. Go to a place that has tabletop games  tabletopgameandhobby.com or an arcade.
  24. Make an elaborate dinner with the help of YouTube.
  25. Practice self-compassion with a guided meditation.

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I offer a neuro-divergent affirming and an LGBTQ+ affirming perspective for counseling. I am trained in EMDR Therapy and have extensive personal experience with military life to support active duty service members, veterans, and military family members.

Posted by Kayte Keller

Kayte is a Clinician at Grow Psychological. She believes that people are experts of themselves and greatly honors the privilege of walking alongside others on their healing journeys.