Psychological Evaluations for A-D/HD

In need of a diagnosis? Grow can help! 

We specialize in psychological evaluations for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Age 4 years to adult.

Grow Psychological - Evaluation Team

Meet Hollie

Clinical Director & visionary of Grow Psychological.

Hollie is a clinical ninja. Her experience, compassion and desire to help clients is her super power.

Meet Simone

Simone Jones is a therapeutic maestro, blending empathy, expertise, and unwavering commitment to catalyze her clients’ growth and transformation.

Meet Nancy

A bilingual licensed master’s level psychologist, stands as a beacon of empowerment, harnessing her profound expertise in evidence-based practices and psychological assessments to guide individuals of all ages towards self-love and fulfillment, ensuring no one journeys alone in their pursuit of meaningful lives.