McKenna Elfrink


McKenna Elfrink



  • Trauma processing
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)
  • Family therapy- with children, adopted children, those in foster care, and families who have experienced psychiatric care stays for themselves or their children

Treatment Modalities:

  • Trauma and C-PTSD
  • EMDR Trained Therapist
  • Polyvagal Informed
  • Attachment-Based
  • DDP Level I & II

Enjoys working with Children, Teens and Adults.

McKenna’s Therapy rate is $125.00 for 50 minutes. Initial session is $150 for 50 minutes.

Healing is show, not tell.

Our brains and bodies are always working toward one common goal; to protect us from danger and
keep us alive, what an incredible loving and compassionate system we have. Through our lived
experiences, families we grow up in, and communities we are surrounded by, our system finds the best ways to keep us safe, and sometimes that means disconnecting from our highest self to survive the present.

Often, the adaptations that served us well in challenging times become the barriers to our growth and happiness. Together, we will come to understand your survival adaptions and discover their deeper meaning within your nervous system. Going beyond families in present day, an integral part of
understanding your nervous system is recognizing how intergenerational influences have impacted present reality. Two questions guide our framework, “How do I understand myself?” and, “How do I understand myself in this world?” These questions encompass not only personal identity, but also how the intersections of identity overlap, are impacted by various systems of oppression and discrimination, and contribute to nervous system (dys)regulation.

It is very common for us to develop unhelpful or even harsh thoughts and feelings about ourselves; we may see our dysregulation show up in our behaviors, sometimes when we least expect it, but every behavior is meeting an unmet need. We will meet the ways you may avoid or numb out the pain, seeking instead to move through it with courage, compassion, and support.

EMDR is a powerful tool in this process, facilitating the brain and body’s natural healing abilities. It has been shown effective in treating anxiety, depression, complex PTSD, grief, relationship issues, chronic illness, and more.

Together, we will work to regulate your nervous system moving beyond survival to embrace a life of
flourishing. This journey is about reclaiming your inner strength, rewriting your narrative, and cultivating resilience to empower you to flourish in all aspects of your life.

Welcome to a space where healing and growth intersect.