Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Multiple Schlerosis Awareness Month

Hi~ Rebecca here. 

This month is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness month! I want to take the time to recognize this disease, share about my experience, and offer resources for support for those with MS. 

On March 20, I will have been diagnosed with MS for 6 years. I was officially diagnosed at the age of 21 after about 6 months of experiencing symptoms and extensive testing and treatment. I never imagined my life would be the way that it is. 

For those of you reading who do not know about this disease–it is an autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system (CNS). To explain in the most simplest of terms, the body is attacking itself…by mistake. 

MS is not the same for every person, but every person with MS can relate to the unpredictability we experience in and with our own bodies. 

When I think about my own journey with this chronic illness, I can’t help but to feel proud and frustrated at the same time. These feelings could not be more opposite. I’ve adjusted my life according to the different symptoms I have. Being adaptable makes me proud. But I am also so frustrated that my life is full of the requirement of being flexible. 

This has given me a newfound empathy that I apply to my work as a Mental Health Professional. Whether you have MS or a different chronic illness, I know firsthand the struggles that come day-to-day. Counseling can be a place for you to explore and express the frustrations, the grief, and the anger that comes with having a chronic illness. Please reach out to us if you need support, whether you are newly diagnosed or it has been 20 plus years. I am here to support your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Additional MS Resources:

The National MS Society Mid-America Chapter is located right here in Kansas City! Their website has lists of upcoming events, can connect you with local groups and discussions, and update you on news locally and nationally. 

Here is their website:

KU Med Center has a center for Multiple Sclerosis Care where they provide comprehensive care for patients. This center specializes in MS care and connecting you with the MS community for support. 

Here is their website: