Happiest Place on Earth

Life can be overwhelming. No, life is overwhelming. 

School, work, kids, bills, sports practice, daycare, events, family obligations, the list goes on and on. 

When you think of the “Happiest Place on Earth”, what do you think of?

Disney, right?

Disney has for many years been labeled with this saying. 

Yet Disney gives so many examples of those who attempted to find solutions to life’s problems through escaping, running away, or hiding. 

Alice went searching for her identity in Wonderland

Wendy was avoiding growing up by going to Neverland

Elsa was running in fear of who she truly was

Aladdin thought he had to be someone else to be happy or successful

But what usually happened by the end of the movie? 

There is growth, change, and acceptance. 

Each of these characters learned to make happiness where they are. 

So what would it look like to be in your own happiest place on Earth?

Who is there? What is going on? Where is it? 

Utilizing counseling can give you a safe space to explore these questions. 

By exploring your strengths, developing coping skills, practicing self-care strategies, and more helps develop your ability to grow, change, and accept. 

This is exactly what I am here for as a clinician. I am here to listen, challenge, and explore what your Happiest Place on Earth is. 

And to maybe even help you realize…

The Happiest Place on Earth is where you make it. 

Meet the Author

From a young age, I have known that I wanted to help others find peace through healing. As an intern at Grow Psychological, I am putting the skills and knowledge I have built over the past few years into practice. I am fluent in American Sign Language, so my services are offered in English and ASL. I have personal experience with chronic illnesses, disabilities, children, and adults