Eriko Her


Eriko Her


Life is a journey filled with chapters that mold us into who we become.

And sometimes as we turn the pages and walk through the seasons of our lives. We realize that somewhere a long the way we lost ourselves in a previous part. 

We don’t recognize who we’ve become. Or characters from past storylines have affected us more than we’d like. 

I am here as your therapist to show you the empathy and compassion you need. As we work together to rediscover the you that got lost along the way. And to heal the wounds that may still be impacting you today.

To help you become the best version of yourself. The person you dream of being and embracing. 

I am here to encourage you. 

To remind you that your challenges are not a burden. 

And to help you gain skills to strengthen yourself. So that you can write your narrative into the storyline that brings you peace. 

You are the expert and hero of your own life. I’m just here to guide you along the way. 

Presenting Concerns: Depression, Anxiety, Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, Infertility, New Parents, Life Transitions, and Refugee and Immigration Challenges

Treatment Modalities: CBT, ACT, Strength Based Therapy, Attachment Theory, Emotions-Focused Therapy, Family Systems Therapy 

Licensure: T-LPC Licensure 

Professional Association: American Counseling Association 

Eriko’s rate is $100 for 50 minutes.